She’s Crafty! (About me)

Most people who know me know that I love making crafty “stuff”.  Most of my  creations are very functional and useful (others are just, well, we won’t talk  about the cool whip container that I covered with stamps way back when!)  My latest obsession is sewing, but I still keep my hands in other things too. When I see a great idea, I get a little sidetracked, but that is the story of my life! (like right now, I should be doing other things….)

So this blog is to share some of my crafty “stuff”.

I also am using it as a place to store my list of websites since my favorites lists are getting out of control! Since I basically teach myself how to do everything, I have a lot of website links that explain different techniques.   There are also many great project ideas.

Just check out the categories on the sidebar.

Have fun looking around and maybe you will get an idea or two.

I am a twenty thirty-something wife and a mother.  Our little boy is 3 already and we are expecting another boy in July! We used to live in Middle Tennessee, just south of Nashville.  We now live in Florence, Alabama. (Sweet Home Alabama!)


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  1. Hey, I though I was reading about myself…I keep my hands into everything also. One question. the onies do you purschase these already stitch or you do this by hand. Beautiful…..adorable…

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