You Are My Sunshine Quilt (pinwheel blocks and hand embroidery)

I thought I had written about this quilt here, but it was over on craftster. (where I haven’t visited much lately…) I started this quilt in the spring when we were selling our house. Most of my other sewing things were packed up and it was my only project to focus on.

You are my sunshine quilt-pieced top complete!

Here is the progress on this quilt for my son. One of “our” songs is “You are my sunshine”-we sing it every night as part of his bedtime routine. I thought -why not make a quilt with all of the words?? So the little guy and I headed off to the quilt shop and picked out some fabrics-yellow, since that is the color of the sun (according to the 3 year old!) and I wanted shades of blue with it since his room is blue. The fabrics are not all part of the same line- I found the tiny yellow and blue polka dots first for the background, then the big yellow polka dots, and grabbed some fat quarters for the blue parts. Then we looked again in the yellow fabrics and found one with circles all over that looked like suns, and that will be for the back and binding.

I did not follow a pattern for this quilt, I just let the idea of it tumble around in my head for a while. I knew the middle was going to have the words embroidered on it, so I needed some blocks that would make a good border for the middle panel. I tried to find a quilt block that looked like a sun, but didn’t find much that I liked. Finally I settled on pinwheel blocks. So that is where I started.  These 2 pages from Quilter’s Cache are what I used as basic instructions for making the pinwheel blocks. (Pinwheels Border and Speed Piecing Half Squares).  I made up enough blocks to form a border and then sewed them around the solid middle panel.

You are my Sunshine Quilt-pinwheel blocks progress  You are my sunshine quilt-middle panel with border

Then came the embroidery-This took some planning! I typed up the words on the computer and spaced them out on the middle panel. Then I traced the words onto some pattern tracing material cut to the size of the panel. Then I hung that in the window and traced the words onto the middle panel.  It took me about a week and 4 skiens of embroidery floss! Once that was done, I added the outside border and made up the corner squares from scraps.

You are my sunshine quilt-words layout You are my sunshine quilt-top section of words You are my sunshine quilt-corner closeup

Now, it needs to be quilted….I’m just not sure what to do with that middle section where the words are! The poor thing sits on the shelf waiting for me to pick it up again.


Mary Engelbreit Quilt-Fabrics

Mary Engelbreit Fabrics-tea, teal and black Mary Engelbreit Fabrics-cherries Mary Engelbreit Fabrics-flowers-reds-bloom where you are planted

I have been looking for fabrics for this quilt for a while now.  It seems that I can find a yard here and there but never a lot of what I had in mind all in one place …until I found Jane’s Fabrics on eBay.  I got a set of 30 fat quarters for $35-thats less than $1.50 each!  I would have paid so much more if I ordered these from all over (especially paying shipping at each place too!)  And her shipping was super fast- I ordered Sunday night and got them Wednesday!  They are all washed up and ready to go.  I’m not going to use all of them in this quilt, but most of them.  There are quite a few of the novelty themed prints that just won’t go for what I want but I’ll find some other use for them.

Oooohh- I really have to settle on a design now….I’ll save that for another day!   

Machine Quilting Tips

I really want to learn how to do free motion quilting and I am planning on getting this book soon: Learn to machine quilt with Pat Sloan  She also guides you through the process in her blog.  (start there, then go through to the next posts to continue)

more info on machine quilting-all types

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Basting Tips:

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Mary Engelbreit Quilt

A friend of mine is having a baby and is a big Mary Engelbriet fan.  Of course I got the idea to make her a baby quilt with Mary’s fabrics and some blocks of embroidered quotes from Mary’s artwork.  Until I have the design worked out, here are some quotes I’ve found for it.  Or I could just get this book (Artful Words: Mary Engelbreit and the Illustrated Quote)!

Do Good…


Home is…

Sweetie Pie

Bloom where…

Every calling…

Heal, Live, Dream

She who laughs, lasts

Queen of hearts

Where children are…


Like what you do…

A happy family…

The world to me…

Make the days count…

Patchwork Baby Blanket

Finally! An excuse to get some of Heather Baily’s Freshcut fabrics!  I have been drooling over them, but couldn’t justify a purchase…yet.  (I am trying to use what I already have)  A couple at church is having a baby girl and their shower is Sunday.  Since all of the babies in the last 6 months or more have been boys, I am excited to make a girly gift!  I have been inspired by all of the doll quilts around lately and though this is larger than a doll quilt, it will be for a sweet girl.  (and maybe I’ll have scraps for a doll quilt-that would be even sweeter!)

Blanket tutorial from Happythings 

Patchwork design for top (disappearing 9 Patch) from Quilts & ATC’s

Piecing trick, How to speed piece nine patches from Quilters Cache

Here we go…Fabrics
Patchwork Blanket (freshcut)

-top and bottom rows complete
-middle panel needing narrow border ( I think I have some natural muslin that would work for this)
-middle sides complete

Patchwork Blanket (freshcut)

I only did the disappearing 9 patch in the middle-I think it would have been too busy to do the rest that way (and a lot more time). So since this section is a bit smaller than the rest I am going to put a narrow border around it. (hopefully my measurements will come out all right)
Patchwork Blanket (freshcut)

Top complete!  It is 31″ x 31″.  The narrow border around the middle panel took a while to get the measurements just right, but it fit perfect!  I like how it sets that part off a little.  Well, next up sewing to the chenille back-I’m a bit worried since I haven’t sewn with chenille before…
Patchwork Baby Blanket (freshcut)

Blanket Complete- I topstitched around the edges, tied in a few spots to keep it together, and put on a pretty label.  (I forgot to turn up a corner to show the chenille but it is the vanilla color from Joann’s)
Patchwork Baby Blanket (freshcut)

Patchwork Baby Blanket (freshcut)

The complete gift: Blanket and two onesies with embroidered applique.  
 Patchwork Baby Blanket (freshcut)

Freshcut Onesies

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Harry Potter themed sewing and crafts

Wow-I saw a post on craftster’s quilting forum and it is a paper pieced block of a Gryffindor Lion.  She has designed a lot of blocks based on Harry Potter characters and themes.   I have just started reading the books  (yeah I know I am way behind the times) and I thought this idea was really great.  I know quite a few kids who would love a quilt made from these blocks! 

Here is where you can find her designs:

And some more Harry Potter themed crafts: 

I also took the Sorting hat test:

The sorting hat says that I belong in Hufflepuff!

Take the most scientific Harry Potter
ever created.

Get Sorted Now!