Simplicity 3835 Maternity Versions

 Original Pattern Info and Examples

Simplicity 3835

This was a very easy pattern to alter for maternity. I added 3″ (total of 6″ ) to the front by swinging it away from the center fold. Then I straightened the side so it is not curved in.   Add more inches to the front depending how big your belly is!

Navy Linen:

Simplicity 3835 Maternity Navy Linen

Simplicity 3835 Maternity Navy Linen   Simplicity 3835 Maternity Navy Linen

Red Stretch Mesh:

Simplicity 3835 Maternity Stretch Mesh
Simplicity 3835 Maternity Stretch Mesh   Simplicity 3835 Maternity Stretch Mesh


Baby Gifts Galore

I have quite a bit of friends and family having babies lately (plus myself!)  So, lots of handmade gifts have been in the works.  There are still 4 babies due in the next few months, so I’m not done yet.  These are what I have given so far.  Many of the embroidered onesies were done months ago, but I had to come up with something else for my cousin who is not finding out the gender.  I saw these blanket stitched onesies on Turkey Feathers Blog and I knew that would be perfect.  I coordinated the colors to her burp cloths (fabric is from Amy Butler’s Belle-Sun Glow)

I found a great way to make the fabric trimmed burp cloths.  (from this great tutorial: boutique baby burp cloths)  I have been making double sets of these-one to give and one to keep for us!  We have plenty of onesies left from our first son, but we really need some new burp cloths!  I love how they are trimmed only at the ends-lots of room in the middle for the messy stuff.  I see so many burp cloths being sold with the fabric sewn right down the middle, but I don’t think that is practical-I haven’t used any like that but my thinking is that it is just going to get yucky and the fabric would keep the birdseye cloth from absorbing.  Maybe those are just for looks, but I want something that can really be used and look pretty too! 

I have also made a nursing cover, and some sun protective blankets (like these: Secure 2 Me Eclipse, I already had some of the solarveil fabric they use). 

Amy's Gifts


Burp Cloths-Amy's

Burp Cloths-Amy's


Burp cloths-Erin's

Onesies and Burpcloths-Kim's

Purses from summer

 I made these 2 purses over the summer.  They were both made with free patterns and I think they turned out well.  I usually get compliments on them and that is always nice!  They don’t hold much, but I only use a purse when I go out on my own or I am carrying a purse with the diaper bag.

Bias Tape Purse: tutorial by belle epoque

I added the little ruffle to the front and pockets to the inside.  The fabrics are natural cotton canvas and Heather Bailey’s Freshcut (mums).  (click picture to see inside pics)

Bias Tape Purse-freshcut

Kwik Sew Clutch: free pattern from Kwik Sew 

I quilted the outside fabric, added pockets and a strap. The fabrics are Amy Butler’s Ginger Bliss (cinnamon red deco bouquet) and natural muslin lining. (click picture to see inside pics)

Kwik Sew Clutch-ginger bliss

Sewing for the house

I haven’t done much sewing since we moved to this house.   I did manage to sew a few curtains before my new sewing/craft room got out of control!  (I am making good progress on the room though-I got a file cabinet yesterday so I now have a place to put my paper stacks and magazines and the computer area is now clutter free-hopefully I’ll be putting pictures of the room up soon)  Anyway, here is the curtain I put in the laundry room.  It has a door leading outside with a window on the top half of the door.  The towel we had hanging over it when we moved in was just not pretty, so with a little Denyse Schmidt fabric, it looks much better! 

Laundry room curtain

All of the windows in the house have plantation blinds on them, so I haven’t been in a rush to put curtains up everywhere yet, but the only place without blinds was the sliding glass door in our dining room turned office.  This window needed covering badly.  I tried to make these curtains neutral since this room will mostly be used by my husband.  I used extra wide linen from and topped it with a decorator fabric so it wouldnt be completly boring!  I just used clip on rings for the top-so easy too. 

Curtains for Sliding Glass Door

Patchwork Baby Blanket

Finally! An excuse to get some of Heather Baily’s Freshcut fabrics!  I have been drooling over them, but couldn’t justify a purchase…yet.  (I am trying to use what I already have)  A couple at church is having a baby girl and their shower is Sunday.  Since all of the babies in the last 6 months or more have been boys, I am excited to make a girly gift!  I have been inspired by all of the doll quilts around lately and though this is larger than a doll quilt, it will be for a sweet girl.  (and maybe I’ll have scraps for a doll quilt-that would be even sweeter!)

Blanket tutorial from Happythings 

Patchwork design for top (disappearing 9 Patch) from Quilts & ATC’s

Piecing trick, How to speed piece nine patches from Quilters Cache

Here we go…Fabrics
Patchwork Blanket (freshcut)

-top and bottom rows complete
-middle panel needing narrow border ( I think I have some natural muslin that would work for this)
-middle sides complete

Patchwork Blanket (freshcut)

I only did the disappearing 9 patch in the middle-I think it would have been too busy to do the rest that way (and a lot more time). So since this section is a bit smaller than the rest I am going to put a narrow border around it. (hopefully my measurements will come out all right)
Patchwork Blanket (freshcut)

Top complete!  It is 31″ x 31″.  The narrow border around the middle panel took a while to get the measurements just right, but it fit perfect!  I like how it sets that part off a little.  Well, next up sewing to the chenille back-I’m a bit worried since I haven’t sewn with chenille before…
Patchwork Baby Blanket (freshcut)

Blanket Complete- I topstitched around the edges, tied in a few spots to keep it together, and put on a pretty label.  (I forgot to turn up a corner to show the chenille but it is the vanilla color from Joann’s)
Patchwork Baby Blanket (freshcut)

Patchwork Baby Blanket (freshcut)

The complete gift: Blanket and two onesies with embroidered applique.  
 Patchwork Baby Blanket (freshcut)

Freshcut Onesies

2 Amy Butler Projects

#1: Fashion Checkbook Clutch 

I got Amy’s book, In Stitches for Christmas.  Of all the projects to start with, I choose this!  It took me about a week to finish because I kept getting stumped!  Of course, I didn’t follow the directions completely either-well, that was due to me wanting to use what I had and not buy anything!  So here’s how mine turned out:  (details of what I did different are below)
fashion checkbook clutch-front

fashion checkbook clutch-inside empty      fashion checkbook clutch-inside filled fashion checkbook clutch-inside cell phone pocket

Fabrics:  canvas home dec print for the outside (interfaced with fusible fleece-instead of Timtex), quilting cottons for the inside (interfaced with heat n bond and cotton-instead of  heavyweight fusible interfacing)

Modifications made:  No ruffle.  No velcro on the outer flap pocket.  I had to piece the inside fabric since I didn’t have a long enough piece.  Added a flap over the lower right hand pocket to help secure cell phone from sliding out.  Sewed bias tape around the lining panel, then sewed to outer panel, since folding the edges under and stitching to the outer panel would not work-It was too thick to fit under the presser foot!  (and I was NOT going to hand stitch it!) **Using the bias tape made the bottom pen holder unuseable, and the right and left credit card pockets are a tight fit. Otherwise it fits in just fine after cutting off the seam allowance**  Attached a purse-like strap by sewing in tabs with a handle attached at the spine. 

 Overall, I think it turned out OK.  This was a learning project because I have never constructed anything like it before.  I am used to sewing the lining and outer together then flipping it right sides out to finish-this pattern had you folding in the raw edges then sewing together.  But, I think I can figure out how to finish a zippered bible cover I started last year-I couldn’t figure out how to put in a lining and this might be the best way to do it!  Whew, glad that’s done…now I’ll try an easy one-like the kitty tunnel or a floor cushion!

 #2 Slimmed Down Nappy Bag

I have had this pattern for almost a year now (borrowed from a friend) and am just now getting around to trying it out.  I haven’t made this style bag yet (is is a sling or hobo? not sure what it is really called) and I like the style of the nappy bag, just not how BIG it is!  So I traced the pattern onto some lightweight interfacing and made it much smaller.  I also made boxed corners on the bottom instead of sewing it flat together.  The style of the nappy bag flares out on the bottom and I didn’t want that either.  The inside pockets are just stitched up the middle-I did not add the side bottle pockets or the cell phone pocket on the strap that the pattern calls for. 

Finished dimensions: 9″w x 11.5″ t(22.5″ including straps) x 3.5″d

blue and green diamonds bag    

blue and gree diamonds bag inside

nappy bag pattern-modified

Little Handbags

I made a couple of little handbags recently because I wanted a place to put all of my essential “need to have with me” things.  (wallet, cell phone, calendar, lip balm, keys).  Until now, these have been transferred from diaper bag, to tote bag, to purse-and I always seem to forget something in the switch.  Now I can use this as a purse, then toss it in any other bag as needed since it is so little.  I wrote up a tutorial on Craftster if you are interested in making one of your own! 

Black Canvas and Plaid Lining  (8″ wide  x 5.5″ tall x 2″ deep)
black and  plaid front

black and plaid side     black and plaid inside

Tan Flowers with Canvas Lining (10″ wide x 5 1/2″ tall x 2 1/2″ deep)tan flowers front

tan flowers side tan flowers open