Baby Gifts Galore

I have quite a bit of friends and family having babies lately (plus myself!)  So, lots of handmade gifts have been in the works.  There are still 4 babies due in the next few months, so I’m not done yet.  These are what I have given so far.  Many of the embroidered onesies were done months ago, but I had to come up with something else for my cousin who is not finding out the gender.  I saw these blanket stitched onesies on Turkey Feathers Blog and I knew that would be perfect.  I coordinated the colors to her burp cloths (fabric is from Amy Butler’s Belle-Sun Glow)

I found a great way to make the fabric trimmed burp cloths.  (from this great tutorial: boutique baby burp cloths)  I have been making double sets of these-one to give and one to keep for us!  We have plenty of onesies left from our first son, but we really need some new burp cloths!  I love how they are trimmed only at the ends-lots of room in the middle for the messy stuff.  I see so many burp cloths being sold with the fabric sewn right down the middle, but I don’t think that is practical-I haven’t used any like that but my thinking is that it is just going to get yucky and the fabric would keep the birdseye cloth from absorbing.  Maybe those are just for looks, but I want something that can really be used and look pretty too! 

I have also made a nursing cover, and some sun protective blankets (like these: Secure 2 Me Eclipse, I already had some of the solarveil fabric they use). 

Amy's Gifts


Burp Cloths-Amy's

Burp Cloths-Amy's


Burp cloths-Erin's

Onesies and Burpcloths-Kim's


You Are My Sunshine Quilt (pinwheel blocks and hand embroidery)

I thought I had written about this quilt here, but it was over on craftster. (where I haven’t visited much lately…) I started this quilt in the spring when we were selling our house. Most of my other sewing things were packed up and it was my only project to focus on.

You are my sunshine quilt-pieced top complete!

Here is the progress on this quilt for my son. One of “our” songs is “You are my sunshine”-we sing it every night as part of his bedtime routine. I thought -why not make a quilt with all of the words?? So the little guy and I headed off to the quilt shop and picked out some fabrics-yellow, since that is the color of the sun (according to the 3 year old!) and I wanted shades of blue with it since his room is blue. The fabrics are not all part of the same line- I found the tiny yellow and blue polka dots first for the background, then the big yellow polka dots, and grabbed some fat quarters for the blue parts. Then we looked again in the yellow fabrics and found one with circles all over that looked like suns, and that will be for the back and binding.

I did not follow a pattern for this quilt, I just let the idea of it tumble around in my head for a while. I knew the middle was going to have the words embroidered on it, so I needed some blocks that would make a good border for the middle panel. I tried to find a quilt block that looked like a sun, but didn’t find much that I liked. Finally I settled on pinwheel blocks. So that is where I started.  These 2 pages from Quilter’s Cache are what I used as basic instructions for making the pinwheel blocks. (Pinwheels Border and Speed Piecing Half Squares).  I made up enough blocks to form a border and then sewed them around the solid middle panel.

You are my Sunshine Quilt-pinwheel blocks progress  You are my sunshine quilt-middle panel with border

Then came the embroidery-This took some planning! I typed up the words on the computer and spaced them out on the middle panel. Then I traced the words onto some pattern tracing material cut to the size of the panel. Then I hung that in the window and traced the words onto the middle panel.  It took me about a week and 4 skiens of embroidery floss! Once that was done, I added the outside border and made up the corner squares from scraps.

You are my sunshine quilt-words layout You are my sunshine quilt-top section of words You are my sunshine quilt-corner closeup

Now, it needs to be quilted….I’m just not sure what to do with that middle section where the words are! The poor thing sits on the shelf waiting for me to pick it up again.

Mary Engelbreit Quilt

A friend of mine is having a baby and is a big Mary Engelbriet fan.  Of course I got the idea to make her a baby quilt with Mary’s fabrics and some blocks of embroidered quotes from Mary’s artwork.  Until I have the design worked out, here are some quotes I’ve found for it.  Or I could just get this book (Artful Words: Mary Engelbreit and the Illustrated Quote)!

Do Good…


Home is…

Sweetie Pie

Bloom where…

Every calling…

Heal, Live, Dream

She who laughs, lasts

Queen of hearts

Where children are…


Like what you do…

A happy family…

The world to me…

Make the days count…

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Hand Embroidery-My new craft obsession!

Well, I have gotten into embroidery by the way of seeing some projects around different blogs I look at from time to time. I have done cross stitch before, but I really love the looks of embroidery much better. I took some supplies with me on our recent car trip and got three panels done. I studied a few stitch books I got from the library and went to work. I already knew how to do back stitch and it took a few tries to get the chain stitch and the french knots down. Here are pictures of my road trip pieces.