Training Pants Patterns

 Well, we are starting to potty train, so I thought I would make up some training pants…

 Free patterns

How to make a pair of Training Pants -Pull on underwear style, fleece with waterproof inner layer (no printable pattern, but photo instructions)

Easter Bunz Trainer Pattern– Snap sides with FOE binding (PDF pattern and photo instructions)

Chloe Toes Pocket Style Training Pants Tutorial– Snap sides with FOE Binding (no printable pattern, but photo instructions)

Goodness Gracious Pocket Training Pants- Front Pattern Piece / Back Pattern Piece -Snap sides with FOE binding (printable patterns, written instructions on pattern)

Wee Weka Side Snap Training Pants (2nd set of instructions)- S/M Pattern / M/L Pattern– Snap sides with FOE binding (PDF pattern with photo instructions)

Wee Weka Pull-On Training Knickers-customizable underwear style with optional waterproof layer (PDF pattern with photo instructions)