Simplicity 3835 Maternity Versions

 Original Pattern Info and Examples

Simplicity 3835

This was a very easy pattern to alter for maternity. I added 3″ (total of 6″ ) to the front by swinging it away from the center fold. Then I straightened the side so it is not curved in.   Add more inches to the front depending how big your belly is!

Navy Linen:

Simplicity 3835 Maternity Navy Linen

Simplicity 3835 Maternity Navy Linen   Simplicity 3835 Maternity Navy Linen

Red Stretch Mesh:

Simplicity 3835 Maternity Stretch Mesh
Simplicity 3835 Maternity Stretch Mesh   Simplicity 3835 Maternity Stretch Mesh


Baby Gifts Galore

I have quite a bit of friends and family having babies lately (plus myself!)  So, lots of handmade gifts have been in the works.  There are still 4 babies due in the next few months, so I’m not done yet.  These are what I have given so far.  Many of the embroidered onesies were done months ago, but I had to come up with something else for my cousin who is not finding out the gender.  I saw these blanket stitched onesies on Turkey Feathers Blog and I knew that would be perfect.  I coordinated the colors to her burp cloths (fabric is from Amy Butler’s Belle-Sun Glow)

I found a great way to make the fabric trimmed burp cloths.  (from this great tutorial: boutique baby burp cloths)  I have been making double sets of these-one to give and one to keep for us!  We have plenty of onesies left from our first son, but we really need some new burp cloths!  I love how they are trimmed only at the ends-lots of room in the middle for the messy stuff.  I see so many burp cloths being sold with the fabric sewn right down the middle, but I don’t think that is practical-I haven’t used any like that but my thinking is that it is just going to get yucky and the fabric would keep the birdseye cloth from absorbing.  Maybe those are just for looks, but I want something that can really be used and look pretty too! 

I have also made a nursing cover, and some sun protective blankets (like these: Secure 2 Me Eclipse, I already had some of the solarveil fabric they use). 

Amy's Gifts


Burp Cloths-Amy's

Burp Cloths-Amy's


Burp cloths-Erin's

Onesies and Burpcloths-Kim's