Mary Engelbreit Quilt-Fabrics

Mary Engelbreit Fabrics-tea, teal and black Mary Engelbreit Fabrics-cherries Mary Engelbreit Fabrics-flowers-reds-bloom where you are planted

I have been looking for fabrics for this quilt for a while now.  It seems that I can find a yard here and there but never a lot of what I had in mind all in one place …until I found Jane’s Fabrics on eBay.  I got a set of 30 fat quarters for $35-thats less than $1.50 each!  I would have paid so much more if I ordered these from all over (especially paying shipping at each place too!)  And her shipping was super fast- I ordered Sunday night and got them Wednesday!  They are all washed up and ready to go.  I’m not going to use all of them in this quilt, but most of them.  There are quite a few of the novelty themed prints that just won’t go for what I want but I’ll find some other use for them.

Oooohh- I really have to settle on a design now….I’ll save that for another day!   


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