Patchwork Baby Blanket

Finally! An excuse to get some of Heather Baily’s Freshcut fabrics!  I have been drooling over them, but couldn’t justify a purchase…yet.  (I am trying to use what I already have)  A couple at church is having a baby girl and their shower is Sunday.  Since all of the babies in the last 6 months or more have been boys, I am excited to make a girly gift!  I have been inspired by all of the doll quilts around lately and though this is larger than a doll quilt, it will be for a sweet girl.  (and maybe I’ll have scraps for a doll quilt-that would be even sweeter!)

Blanket tutorial from Happythings 

Patchwork design for top (disappearing 9 Patch) from Quilts & ATC’s

Piecing trick, How to speed piece nine patches from Quilters Cache

Here we go…Fabrics
Patchwork Blanket (freshcut)

-top and bottom rows complete
-middle panel needing narrow border ( I think I have some natural muslin that would work for this)
-middle sides complete

Patchwork Blanket (freshcut)

I only did the disappearing 9 patch in the middle-I think it would have been too busy to do the rest that way (and a lot more time). So since this section is a bit smaller than the rest I am going to put a narrow border around it. (hopefully my measurements will come out all right)
Patchwork Blanket (freshcut)

Top complete!  It is 31″ x 31″.  The narrow border around the middle panel took a while to get the measurements just right, but it fit perfect!  I like how it sets that part off a little.  Well, next up sewing to the chenille back-I’m a bit worried since I haven’t sewn with chenille before…
Patchwork Baby Blanket (freshcut)

Blanket Complete- I topstitched around the edges, tied in a few spots to keep it together, and put on a pretty label.  (I forgot to turn up a corner to show the chenille but it is the vanilla color from Joann’s)
Patchwork Baby Blanket (freshcut)

Patchwork Baby Blanket (freshcut)

The complete gift: Blanket and two onesies with embroidered applique.  
 Patchwork Baby Blanket (freshcut)

Freshcut Onesies


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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I like how you did the Disappearing 9-Patch just in the middle. I’ve seen a whole quilt of it, and it is too much; way too busy for the eye. But I love how there is just a patch of it there in the middle, then the little border, then the big border of the regular 9-Patch blocks. Although, the 9-Patch is my absolute favorite block, so, I could be a little biased…. lol!

    It really is a beautiful quilt!

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