Training Pants Patterns

 Well, we are starting to potty train, so I thought I would make up some training pants…

 Free patterns

How to make a pair of Training Pants -Pull on underwear style, fleece with waterproof inner layer (no printable pattern, but photo instructions)

Easter Bunz Trainer Pattern- Snap sides with FOE binding (PDF pattern and photo instructions)

Chloe Toes Pocket Style Training Pants Tutorial- Snap sides with FOE Binding (no printable pattern, but photo instructions)

Goodness Gracious Pocket Training Pants- Front Pattern Piece / Back Pattern Piece -Snap sides with FOE binding (printable patterns, written instructions on pattern)

Wee Weka Side Snap Training Pants (2nd set of instructions)- S/M Pattern / M/L Pattern- Snap sides with FOE binding (PDF pattern with photo instructions)

Wee Weka Pull-On Training Knickers-customizable underwear style with optional waterproof layer (PDF pattern with photo instructions)

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link to the patterns! I love links all in one place!

  2. Hi,
    thanks, I hadn’t seen the ‘Goodness Gracious’ one before, I’ll add that to my resources too.

    Here is a link to training pants patterns with photo tutorials and instructions too (They sell for a small fee)

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