Sew a laptop bag/sleeve

Update (April 08):  My hubby wanted a sleeve for his laptop for when he carries it to work.  He didn’t need it padded, just a sleeve to keep it from getting scratched up in his bag.  I first made him one from fleece and it fit perfect.  The computer guy at his work saw it and said, you know that can create an electric charge and zap everything on your computer!!  NOT GOOD PEOPLE!!  DO NOT use fleece as the interior layer for any laptop or electronic device.  You have been warned….

BTW-I promptly made hubby a new sleeve from canvas after he told me the news about the fleece. 


Been looking around for an idea on how I want to make a laptop carrier.  Here are some that I like:

Red Maloo Kimono Laptop Sleeve

Red Maloo Felt Laptop Sleeve

Simplicity pattern 4391-Tech gear


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