2 Amy Butler Projects

#1: Fashion Checkbook Clutch 

I got Amy’s book, In Stitches for Christmas.  Of all the projects to start with, I choose this!  It took me about a week to finish because I kept getting stumped!  Of course, I didn’t follow the directions completely either-well, that was due to me wanting to use what I had and not buy anything!  So here’s how mine turned out:  (details of what I did different are below)
fashion checkbook clutch-front

fashion checkbook clutch-inside empty      fashion checkbook clutch-inside filled fashion checkbook clutch-inside cell phone pocket

Fabrics:  canvas home dec print for the outside (interfaced with fusible fleece-instead of Timtex), quilting cottons for the inside (interfaced with heat n bond and cotton-instead of  heavyweight fusible interfacing)

Modifications made:  No ruffle.  No velcro on the outer flap pocket.  I had to piece the inside fabric since I didn’t have a long enough piece.  Added a flap over the lower right hand pocket to help secure cell phone from sliding out.  Sewed bias tape around the lining panel, then sewed to outer panel, since folding the edges under and stitching to the outer panel would not work-It was too thick to fit under the presser foot!  (and I was NOT going to hand stitch it!) **Using the bias tape made the bottom pen holder unuseable, and the right and left credit card pockets are a tight fit. Otherwise it fits in just fine after cutting off the seam allowance**  Attached a purse-like strap by sewing in tabs with a handle attached at the spine. 

 Overall, I think it turned out OK.  This was a learning project because I have never constructed anything like it before.  I am used to sewing the lining and outer together then flipping it right sides out to finish-this pattern had you folding in the raw edges then sewing together.  But, I think I can figure out how to finish a zippered bible cover I started last year-I couldn’t figure out how to put in a lining and this might be the best way to do it!  Whew, glad that’s done…now I’ll try an easy one-like the kitty tunnel or a floor cushion!

 #2 Slimmed Down Nappy Bag

I have had this pattern for almost a year now (borrowed from a friend) and am just now getting around to trying it out.  I haven’t made this style bag yet (is is a sling or hobo? not sure what it is really called) and I like the style of the nappy bag, just not how BIG it is!  So I traced the pattern onto some lightweight interfacing and made it much smaller.  I also made boxed corners on the bottom instead of sewing it flat together.  The style of the nappy bag flares out on the bottom and I didn’t want that either.  The inside pockets are just stitched up the middle-I did not add the side bottle pockets or the cell phone pocket on the strap that the pattern calls for. 

Finished dimensions: 9″w x 11.5″ t(22.5″ including straps) x 3.5″d

blue and green diamonds bag    

blue and gree diamonds bag inside

nappy bag pattern-modified


Harry Potter themed sewing and crafts

Wow-I saw a post on craftster’s quilting forum and it is a paper pieced block of a Gryffindor Lion.  She has designed a lot of blocks based on Harry Potter characters and themes.   I have just started reading the books  (yeah I know I am way behind the times) and I thought this idea was really great.  I know quite a few kids who would love a quilt made from these blocks! 

Here is where you can find her designs:


And some more Harry Potter themed crafts:



I also took the Sorting hat test:

The sorting hat says that I belong in Hufflepuff!

Take the most scientific Harry Potter
ever created.

Get Sorted Now!

Little Handbags

I made a couple of little handbags recently because I wanted a place to put all of my essential “need to have with me” things.  (wallet, cell phone, calendar, lip balm, keys).  Until now, these have been transferred from diaper bag, to tote bag, to purse-and I always seem to forget something in the switch.  Now I can use this as a purse, then toss it in any other bag as needed since it is so little.  I wrote up a tutorial on Craftster if you are interested in making one of your own! 

Black Canvas and Plaid Lining  (8″ wide  x 5.5″ tall x 2″ deep)
black and  plaid front

black and plaid side     black and plaid inside

Tan Flowers with Canvas Lining (10″ wide x 5 1/2″ tall x 2 1/2″ deep)tan flowers front

tan flowers side tan flowers open

Sew a laptop bag/sleeve

Update (April 08):  My hubby wanted a sleeve for his laptop for when he carries it to work.  He didn’t need it padded, just a sleeve to keep it from getting scratched up in his bag.  I first made him one from fleece and it fit perfect.  The computer guy at his work saw it and said, you know that can create an electric charge and zap everything on your computer!!  NOT GOOD PEOPLE!!  DO NOT use fleece as the interior layer for any laptop or electronic device.  You have been warned….

BTW-I promptly made hubby a new sleeve from canvas after he told me the news about the fleece. 


Been looking around for an idea on how I want to make a laptop carrier.  Here are some that I like:

Red Maloo Kimono Laptop Sleeve

Red Maloo Felt Laptop Sleeve

Simplicity pattern 4391-Tech gear

Quilts and toys for baby Cole

So, Jen had her baby in October…  She finally got these gifts in November as they came through town for their family Thanksgiving trip! 

I made a simple staggered strip quilt that was backed with fleece and stitched in the ditch.  I made a mini-quilt out of the scraps-big enough to fit over the car seat or a bouncy seat around the house.  Then, I still had enough scraps to make a few toys.  I put loops on them so they could be attached with link rings.  On the cube I strip pieced two sides, then appliqued boats on the other sides and hand embroidered the name.  All of this from 9 fat quarters and a couple yards of fleece!  I’m sorry the quality of the big quilt is not good-I snapped it in a hurry, then left the camera in the sleeping boy’s bedroom so I couldn’t get another picture before it was taken home! 

cole's big quilt 

cole's mini quilt        cole's ball on a link ring

 cole's toys 1 cole's toys 2

Way Behind and a library bag

I am way behind on posting here, but I have been busy!  I made quite a few things for Christmas gifts, finished some projects that have been laying around for a while, and tried out some new patterns! 

Here is one new project:  A library bag-I wanted a really big bag for the many books and videos we end up bringing home, so I sewed this up from some remnant bin fabric.  It is really big-16″ x 16″ x 4″!  There is a little pocket on the inside for the papers that I write down books I want to get.  After using this a few times I have decided I need to take it apart and put some sort of interfacing in it-It is way too floppy for my liking! It serves its purpose for now though.  So much for a finished product huh? 
library 1

library 2