Christmas Calendar/Advent Calendar


I really wanted to make a countdown to Christmas calendar.  I found a lot of great ideas, but when it came down to making a choice I had to go with materials I had on hand and how much time it would take.  Considering I only had a week left, I chose a fairly simple design.  Mine is adapted from this quilt pattern.  I cut out the stockings from red and green felt, used clear thread and a zig-zag stitch to attach them to the cream felt.  I still need to embroider red over the Merry Christmas at the bottom and it would look better with a border since it is almost the same color as our wall!  I made the numbers for each day by printing them on gold paper, punched them with a star paper punch, and glued them onto strips of black construction paper.  There is a little treat tucked into each stocking (a peppermint hershey’s kiss-they fit perfect stuck in upside down!) 

In progress: 100_5816.JPG     100_5801.JPG     star-_s.JPG    

Other calendar ideas I liked:

Yo-Yo advent tree (3rd down)

Advent Cone Garlands

Garnet Hill-Home for the Holidays Advent Calendar

Garnet Hill-Giving Tree Advent Calendar

Mini-Stockings-Martha Stewart


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