Trick or Treat Bag

Trick or treat bag-front

Trick or Treat bag-side

I wanted to make the boy a treat bag instead of buying him one (of course!).  So yesterday we went to Joann’s to get a little bit of halloween fabric-it was on sale and I got 1/2 yd. for $1!  I used scrap fabrics and interfacings for the rest too!  I made the bottom by tracing a basket and then measured around it to get how much I needed for the sides.  I used heavy interfacing for the sides and in the bottom I put a plastic top that I cut down a bit.  I figured this would hold the weight of all the goodies better than the interfacing.  We tested the bag out last night when we did “Trunk or Treat” at church.  (if you aren’t familiar with this, cars line up with their trunks all facing the same way and they open them and decorate the insides-the people stand by their trunks and the kids go down the line and get treats)  The bag held up great, and no saggy bottom!  Now we need to hide the candy from the boy! 

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