Sewing To Do List

This is quite a hefty list. I started keeping tabs of my projects in June-I have quite a ways to go!  As I cross a project off, it will be added to the Finished Products category. I am hoping that puttting this here will motivate me to these projects finished!  I’m sure I will keep adding to it though, I frequently find new things to make!

Aunt C’s tote bag

dresses to skirts

move buttons on S’s outfit

embroidered onesies for R’s baby

tote bag for A’s birthday

embroidered onesies for J’s baby

quilts for J’s baby

slings for J

hanging organizers for kitchen-1 finished!

seat cover for S’s rocking chair

cover for fireplace bricks

pillows for mom and dad’s couch

bible cover

roman blinds for kitchen

name banner for S’s room

fabric boxes and hanging organizers for S’s room

fabric box for our bathroom

fleece backed bibs

diaper and wipes holder-and changing mat?

Thomas toy bag tote backpack instead for S

modified “swing bag”(amy butler)-for small diaper bag

shopping cart cover-new one

lightning rod quilt-finish top


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