baby/children’s clothes patterns

Add binding to a newborn shirt-kimono style (laura gunn studio)

Appliqued Onesies (michael miller fabric blog)

Sweater Pants (that’s kinda cool)

Fleece or wool pants from old shirts or sweaters -flickr photoset (twelve paws)

Easy Kids Pants (handy home projects)

Twirly Skirt (house on hill road)

Ruffled Skirt Tutorial (grand revival)

Sunny Day Dress/Top-shirred (house on hill road)

Pillowcase Dress (rostitchery)

Apron Top (tiptoe fairy)

Button down shirt to toddler dress (craftster)

Child’s Smock (montessori by hand)

Smocket (the mayfly) pattern pdf

Patterns for infant and baby clothes (voor nop)

DIY Babylegs-flickr tutorial (baby hopes)

Peasant Blouse (just tutes)

Tutu Tutorial -no sew (plumtickled)

Lap Shoulder on Baby Gown Tutorial (patchyapple)

Wrap Dress Tutorial -reversible (no pattern) (what did she do today?) PDF Link

Shirred Dress Tutorial (kuky ideas)

Tired Skirt Tutorial (kuky ideas)

Child’s Sleeveless Top (jcaroline creative)

Child’s Elastic Waist Pants (jcaroline creative)



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